Unicorns thinking about sex, with beer and weed

zroamed what is below the bush?

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below the bush is HERE for everyone with a brain, a penis, a vagina, or something else. It’s a place that provides all the information that was missing from sex ed, from your GP, from the magazines and locker rooms. A place that won’t patronise you, insult you or try to sell you something, and somewhere where nothing is sugarcoated. For those of you who have been confused, abused, empowered or elated.

And if nothing else, there’ll probably be some good one liners about sperm. Content is split into 3 main areas:

Mind & State

The world is confusing. How do we feel happy with how we look without becoming vain and obsessed? How can we enjoy our freedom without damaging something or offending someone? How do we be successful and engaged without feeling anxious and depressed? How many disco biscuits could we put up our bum without ruining the vibe?

Mind & State is for covering everything around mental and physical health, and the politics of.


Sexuality is an integral part of human life… It fulfills a number of personal and social needs… and is inextricably bound to both physical and mental health.

David Satcher, Surgeon General, US Department of Health and Human Services

Our sexuality is important. But this doesn’t mean we need to be engaging in backbreaking ten hour tantric sessions and screaming like a monkey whilst reaching sexual nirvana. Nor that we need to be exploring every single orifice and edging technique with domineering leather clad strangers. We don’t even need to be f*cking at all if we don’t want to and we certainly don’t need to be doing anything novel or noteworthy. The key elements of a healthy sex life are not the toys or the different positions; but rather communication, confidence and a focus on the tactile sensations of your own or another human’s touch.

Everyone has droughts, mishaps and emotional difficulties around their sexual selves and the more we talk about these and realise we’re not the only ones, the easier these issues are to manage.


In our mainstream culture sexuality has been severed from fertility as if the two are completely unrelated and women’s hormones are seen as a hindrance rather than as the very fundamentals of identity and health. Not only that but men are often completely left out of the conversation, or just casually belittled.

below the bush will be releasing guides that focus on the health, pleasure and practicalities of each method; because the advice most of us get is still woefully sparse. As well as discussing what often happens when contraception isn’t used or doesn’t work: abortion.

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Hearing other people’s trials and triumphs helps us all feel more sane. We want to know what you like, or don’t like, in sex. Fill out five short anonymous Q’s at below YOUR bush and do your bit for the community!

Stay sane without denying the madness and enjoy life without ignoring the sadness.

If you have a question about any of these topics, or there is something you want to share – pop it in The Anonymous Box or email liberty@belowthebush.com

Want to help improve a strangers life? Share a piece of yourself at below ♦ YOUR ♦ bush.

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Unicorns thinking about sex, with beer and weed

zroamed what is below the bush?

The place for revealing all that is usually hidden: Secrets, conspiracies and insecurities... Stay sane without denying the madness and enjoy life without ignoring the...

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