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zroamed what if you, or your partner, thinks giving head is gross?

Barbie and Ken’s flappy cumholes seem to be missing.

A reader asked ‘go girls like giving head’ click here to read the post and it’s spin-off ‘what is the right way to ask for head’

Some people are squeamish. Some people have had bad experiences. And we all tend to like what we are accustomed to. We over bleach, over-sanitise and over-prune everything including the kitchen sink these days. And we also see a lot of airbrushed and carefully edited imagery. It’s hardly surprising that real human genitals can seem a bit freaky when they’re staring you in the eye.

There are many who genuinely wrestle with themselves because they want to embrace the ‘au naturel’ in their partner, but kind of struggle to be into it. 

Individuals who report more negative perceptions of their genitals are less likely to engage in oral sex.


Did you know the Greeks used to prize smaller penises, deeming those with larger ones to be foolish and dumb like a donkey?


Did you know, in Australian magazines women’s labia have to be airbrushed so the genitals only have a single crease with no inner labia sticking out, or else they’re hit with a R18+ classification.

(but something that’s photoshopped to make it look like a 5 year old’s is chill yeah..)


How to get over squeamishness?

The standard recommendations for becoming less squeamish are to keep going into each situation, make sure you’ve eaten, are well hydrated, and that you keep moving your legs. Good solid advice.

To overcome fussy eating you are advised to slowly and gradually introduce things you don’t like, mixing these in with things you do like.

have a look at these galleries for a representation of human variety but DO NOT OPEN if a colleague is about to walk behind you:


The Book of Man Penis Gallery

The Labia Library


And for picky daters the advice is to assess your reasons for being picky. For example, is it disguised defensiveness

These are all excellent tips to apply in your mouth-up-in-someone’s-guts life. 

To summarise:

  • consider if you have unrealistic expectations of what particular body parts should look like

  • consider if you believe that genitals are something to be ashamed of (writing these down can help release them)

  • get to know; look at yours in a handheld mirror and surround yourself with diverse imagery (or real bodies)

Accept that dicks and fannies are kind of weird and silly and gross sometimes. That’s literally part of the whole appeal of sex; IT IS messy and pervy! It’s humans embracing each other in their most vulnerable and private states and getting ruffled and sweaty and having a good time – it’s the grown up version of playing in the dirt.

And remember to have fair expectations: Do you want a guy to bury his face in your flower, but you hate having his cum in your mouth? Or do you want the girl to swallow but you’re kind of afraid of her juices? Because clearly, that ain’t fair. 

I would personally find it offensive if someone went down on me and then spat…


And sometimes people aren’t squeamish they’re just shy. It can be intimidating all on your own down there.

don’t beat around the bush


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