The Anonymous Box

Man and Woman walk down street

BYB: “I miss single life”

I first orgasmed when I was 16 and haven’t until my current boyfriend; multiple times

Graffiti tube

BYB: “Loneliness, time to have sex, lack of privacy”

ever had any worries about sex or orgasms? (care to elaborate) Yes. Often find it hard to finish from sex...

Manicure Fire

BYB: “Why has my sexual desire disappeared, and how do I reconnect to myself as a sexual being?”

things you like during sex (or maybe you're unsure)? I have no idea anymore! I used to love focusing...

Dick Lipstick

BYB: “Somebody who you completely trust. Somebody who you care for…”

Went through a period of anxiety when younger on would I be able to get it up or not....

Clock and Loveheart Shadow

BYB: “That I’m not pleasing my partner. That I’m taking too long”

what do you or have you struggled with in your current relationship / single life? Finding the intimacy to fully...

Bikini People at Outlook Festival

For Anyone Who’s Felt Bad about their Body: What I’ve Learnt from Being Fat + Thin

"even insanely stoned munchies were tamed". More than 80% of men talk in ways that promote anxiety about their...

men women hand holding tattoo

below YOUR bush

Hearing other people's trials and triumphs helps us all feel more sane. Share your bush life, get something off...

Unicorns thinking about sex, with beer and weed

what is below the bush?

The place for revealing all that is usually hidden: Secrets, conspiracies and insecurities... Stay sane without denying the madness...

Christmas Duck with a D*ck

How to Give the Gift of Good Sex this Christmas: Does it Matter if That’s not My Vagina?

Have you ever considered hanging your private parts up on your wall? We seem to have a few problems...

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