Anxiety Advice and Tips


{a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome}

Over anxiousness can be learnt, it can be genetic, and can be caused by events within or out of your control. We have evolved to have this fight or flight response, but sometimes it doesn’t work in our favour.

Imagine your life with less anxiety – imagine the stress of it floating away off into the ether – and your chest is free to breathe easy and your mind is calm and quiet…

If that puts a smile on your face; there are many ways to get closer to that freedom.

We live in a somewhat anxiety provoking society, but the good news is that being over anxious is a brain pattern and set of physiological responses that can be retrained.


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Weed can increase or decrease anxiety, likely due to the variable effect that THC has on our stress hormone noradrenaline

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Anxiety is not something that needs to be cured, as it aids survival, instead it needs appropriate alignment

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More time spent using social media use is significantly associated with increased symptoms of anxiety

Russell Brand on anxiety

Russell Brand | Entertainer & Mentor

"All forms of discomfort can be interpreted as communicative. You know there is a sort of very materialistic perspective; that it's just a chemical imbalance you can pop a pill and redress that shit... But I think, no, there's something that wants to be heard."

Marcus Morris NBA

Marcus Morris | NBA Basketball Player

"It may sound silly, but just closing my eyes in a dark room and breathing for 10 minutes a day helps me. I know lots of guys who are dealing with some kind of anxiety and depression ... Talking to [a therapist] released so much of that stress for me."

Human Givens for Below the Bush

Denise Winn | Human Givens therapist

"You are not an anxious person. You are person who can be hit by anxiety – and can learn to handle it. And the more you do something different successfully in those stressful situations, the more your brain learns to expect to cope."



acupuncture as treatment

Research has shown that acupuncture treatment may specifically benefit anxiety disorders and symptoms of anxiety

yoga with adriene meditation

It doesn’t matter if you flat out refuse to meditate, just watching Adriene in this video will make you feel chill

some good fails

Be warned, watching the news is not recommended for people suffering with anxiety, however; laughter is


AC hat

byb: hot, sweaty and messy

Hearing other people's trials and triumphs helps us all feel more sane. Still not solved the worry and action of cumming too quick.. lol...

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Man and Woman walk down street

byb: I miss single life

Hearing other people's trials and triumphs helps us all feel more sane. I first orgasmed when I was 16 and haven’t until my current boyfriend;...

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