3 Ways to Check Whether The Pill Suits Your Lifestyle

3 Ways to Check Whether The Pill Suits Your Lifestyle

All the Things to Consider Before You Decide to Spit or Swallow

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Now you know what combined pills are and you know their general pros and cons. But whether or not these pills are right for you depends on what your health goals are, what your imminent life plans involve and what kind of relationship scenario you've got going on.


Not everyone can safely swallow. Taking fake estrogen is not recommended for some women, including those who suffer from severe headaches, smokers or those with a family history of blood clots and if you are over 35 and a heavy smoker (<15 a day) you should not take this pill. NB Always read the patient information leaflet (PIL or in the US it's the Package Insert) to check for contraindications relevant to you, they are all online.

And regardless of who you are, the pill will compromise your health in some respect, for example it reduces your ability to absorb certain nutrients and increases your risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore taking the pill is a totally personal choice: Do you feel comfortable sacrificing some of your health in order to have less hassle in your sex life? As discussed in Part 2, combined pills are a much safer bet than some of the other methods. 

But what about your mental health goals?

Feeling calm and happy is goddamn wonderful. Feeling stressed and sad is absolute bullsh*t.

When you start any new hormonal contraceptive you are essentially taking a gamble with your mental health. We know the pill can affect who you're attracted to, whether or not you are depressed, the way you remember things, and much more. However there is no way of predicting how each individual will be affected, nor whether the changes will be immediate or gradual.

Before taking this gamble make sure there aren't any other options you'd like to try. Have you thought about fertility tracking methods? You do have to dedicate a bit of time to them but they have zero side effects. Or have you ever considered a diaphragm? I used to keep mine in a leopard print pouch and use it for occasional booty calls. (It was great. Read: The Sceptical Lady's Guide to the Diaphragm). And have you ever had sex with a condom that is ACTUALLY good? (It is possible, I promise). Complete Guides to all of the aforementioned Cumming Soon.

Thermometer, chart, my little pony and sequins
Fertility tracking methods can offer reliable side effect free contraception; no magic ponies or guesswork and no need for a prescription


Hormonal contraceptives are ideally only a temporary solution… Not a lifelong choice... As they were never designed for women to take throughout their entire reproductive years.

 Every individual taking prescription medicines has to understand that no medication...is without risk and no drugs are assessed for long term use.

Nadereh Pourat, Director of research at the UCLA Centre for Health Policy Research (to Gizmodo)

If you plan to use them for quite a while think about scheduling in decent breaks; so you can check that your cycle is able to return to full health and fertility (but be aware the low risk of VTE is highest when you start and/or restart taking the pills)

...and they're not ideal if you’re anticipating turbulent times.

If you’re about to start a dissertation, or think your relationship is crumbling, or are about to go travelling by yourself; now is probably not the time. As already stated you are taking a gamble with your mental health when you take hormonal birth control, so it's preferable be in a stable situation when you’re starting a new type.Clouds and lightning over Mental Health

And If you're like Taz (the tasmanian devil) these pills may not suit you.

Do you live in a whirlwind of chaos? Are you scatty AF? If you think it's perfectly possible that every few days or so you're going to be struck by the sudden thought of 'Oh sh*t where are my pills?! I haven't seen them since Tuesday...' then it's probably not worth bothering. If you don't take them regularly you are not protected from pregnancy.

By the way, air travel of over 4 hours may temporarily increase your risk of blood clots, particularly if you have other risk factors (the combined pill marginally increases risk). If you take lots of long distant flights you may want to take this into consideration.


If you’re having sex once a month; is there any point keeping yourself drugged up every single day?

This is something that seems obvious but often gets overlooked: Are you actually having frequent sex?! Because if you're not, it seems slight overkill to be taking a profoundly powerful drug all of the time.

Please also consider the following:

A) Are you sleeping around?

If you're using the pill and not using condoms you ABSOLUTELY need to be taking your precious little pussy to THE CLINIC on a regular basis. And if you need some more persuading; did you know that frequent and major pruning of your lady garden is associated with an increased risk for herpes, syphilis and HPV?

B) Are you casually seeing someone?

If it’s casual does it bother you that you’re putting all this strain on your body while they get to have the sex-without-sacrifice? Will they support you if it makes you feel like sh*t?

C) Are you in a committed relationship?

If so is your partner as educated as you are about the pill? They should understand how it works and what it's doing to your body because they are massively benefitting from it! Tell them to read this Complete Guide.

Two doughnuts
If your most serious relationship commitments are to these two guys at the moment; you probably don't need to be on the pill. 

So does the combined pill suit your lifestyle after all? 

If you're ok with the health risks, your life is calm and your partnering habits suit it this could be a good option for you, albeit temporary.

But if you are going to take the combined pill; do get it right. There are different types: See Part 4 to find out what different types of combined pill are available and how to pick the best one

♦ Over to You ♦

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