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ZROAMED Are You Feeling Pissed Off With People Today?

A human being is an organism made up billions of small components; that all must communicate and work as a cohesive whole. Bacteria, red blood cells, neurons… Each weak link or stressor has a knock on effect on the rest of the system. Every unit must work together and all the parts must communicate effectively, in order to achieve the overall goal: health, and thus happiness, of the whole unit. The human.

So too with a country. The pieces of the puzzle must communicate, and for maximum strength and resilience there needs to be unity. Every single human being has hopes and dreams, fears, worries about their family, feels joy when someone smiles at them, has sadness in their past. Essentially, we all want the same thing, health and happiness. Just as the units of the body must work together, so the individuals in a nation must. If your arm is injured, the brain does not send the message “IT’S SHIT – GET RID OF IT – SHUT IT DOWN”, no, other parts of the body work to compensate and take the strain, whilst endorphins are released to try and soothe the pain and antibodies work to deal with the problem. The body understands it is strongest as a whole. 

Anger, fear, unrest, these things affect everyone in a country, not just some people depending on who they voted for. In life we all want health and happiness right? And as a nation we all want security, wealth and opportunity right?

However you feel about the result, do not denounce a group of people, do not write someone off because of their values, do not wish you could chop off an arm.

Communicate, have compassion, find common ground. 

The more angry we become, the more we silence others, and the less room there is for honest debate. Humans work things out by talking to each other, getting to grips with differences in opinion, and learning from one another.

And have perspective. As in life, and as a nation, we can not expect everything to go smoothly all of the time. We can not expect to always have prosperity, peace and power. After highs must come lows, after good times must come bad times. But inevitably, those good times will come back around. 

If you’re feeling hateful towards a person or group of people, ask yourself, what does that make you? You hate someone because of their beliefs? You hate someone, because you feel THEY are not compassionate enough?! That doesn’t make sense.

If you’re feeling scared about the future, ask yourself, are you ok right now? Can you be certain of what is to come? Humans are incredible for many reasons, but our resilience and adaptability is truly astounding.

If you’re feeling unhappy about the result, ask yourself, how can you be more compassionate to those that you disagree with, how can you work to understand them better? If you are happy with the result, ask yourself, how can you be more compassionate to those that lost? How can you work to understand them better?

We’re all on the same rollercoaster baby.


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