One of the Biggest Myths We’ve Been Fed About Sex

One of the Biggest Myths We’ve Been Fed About Sex

what is one of the biggest myths we’ve
been fed about sex I will tell you and
if you wait until the end I will also
give you a fact that not even your
doctor may know and it’s pretty fucking
important so if this sounds like
something you like then make sure you
follow or are subscribed and this was a
longer piece but people liked it so I’m
making a video but I’ll include the link
in the notes so what is one of the
biggest myths that we are fed about sex
is that we can have the bangin sex life
that’s busy and hassle-free and no one
makes any sacrifices everywhere in our
media and music is like we can all be
banging at 4:00 a.m. and no one’s making
any sacrifices it’s like we expect to be
able to have great sex and no hassle and
no babies and no compromise not true so
and people seem to think that this is
slightly more of a women’s issue but
women if we get accidentally pregnant we
can decide whether to have an abortion
or not whereas the man you will have to
pay and you won’t get a choice so is
everyone’s shit so what are the
sacrifices there are three options you
can go with the drug den or you can go
with tricky dicky and sticky not going
to say that ever again or you can go the
misunderstood one so the drug den is
hormonal or chemical contraception and
the sacrifice for that is either on the
woman’s mental or physical health or the
health of your relationship because even
if there aren’t any really noticeable
side effects from your hormonal or
chemical contraception it’s still not
good for you there are powerful drugs
they’re not good for you
and obviously if the mental health of
the woman is affected or if her sex
drive is affected or if who she’s
attracted to is affected that’s gonna
affect a relationship so that’s the
first sacrifice you can make second
sacrifice you can make is barrier
methods so that’s not health sacrifice
that sensation sacrifice like condoms
are annoying but they’re also not that
bad and you can use diaphragms which are
like a little hat for your cervix which
not many people know about but condoms
don’t have to be that bad
get the right size get Lube get a good
brand I like skin s code what s KY N and
if you are using the drawer which is
kind of in this category I always say it
with drawer works really well until that
one time but it doesn’t but that’s your
choice and the third sacrifice you can
make is on your time so that is
fertility tracking methods which is when
you learn how to recognize the signs of
your body or a woman’s body so that you
can tell whether she can get pregnant
that day or not I wouldn’t recommend
apps like lots of people know about
fertility tracking now because of the
apps but I don’t fucking trust them
because the whole premise of fertility
tracking is that you know your body so
you know whether you can get pregnant or
not that day if something happens
unexpectedly your phone can’t pick that
up for you and it causes you to then
rely on a piece of technology that is
nowhere near fine-tuned enough to a
hundred percent be able to rely on it if
you really care about not getting
pregnant but so you have to sacrifice
your time it takes like three months of
consistent learning to do these methods
which is why I don’t use them yet
they’re also not that great if you go
out and get wrecked quite a lot because
you need to have that consistency and
you also need to know what the fuck’s
going on with your body so those are the
three sacrifices people seem to think
that you can just have sex and not have
babies and not put any effort into that
no it takes effort I mean yeah there are
some people who are just fine and
fucking chillin but it’s not as like
simple as we make it out to be and
there’s a lot of women that having
abortions a lot of people’s mental
health that are affected a lot of drug
companies getting sued the shit out of
them for all the bad side effects of the
drugs but women are taking a lot of men
that having to deal with their women on
hormonal contraception or deal with
pregnancy that they didn’t expect and so
what is the fact that maybe even your
doctor doesn’t know morning-after pills
do not work throughout the entire month
they work by giving you a massive hit of
fake progestin which then delays
ovulation but if you’ve already dropped
an egg then the morning-after pill isn’t
going to do anything if it’s in that
sort of few days time frame so don’t
have them in talent mentality the
mentality of oh we can always just get
the one in after pill because yes do
still do that but there are some days of
the month where it’s not necessarily
gonna work so don’t just think it’s some
like magic golden ticket there you go
I feel like that was intense maybe I’ve
had too much coffee and someone messaged
me today saying
know that getting your emails in the
morning so if you haven’t already joined
the downstairs Club you are missing out
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