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new mantras for feeling chilled about your body

please note: positive affirmation stuff makes me feel as cringed out as it does you, but sometimes you just need to do it.

  • everytime I realise I am mentally tallying up what I’ve eaten that day, or how much I’ve exercised, (so as to decide whether to be pleased about it or not) I will stop.


  • if I try something on that doesn’t fit I will blame the clothes, not my body.


  • the thought may enter my head ‘I would look good if only my…’ but I will ignore that


  • i will resist the urge to make rules


  • i will not look in the mirror and think about the things I want to change, but instead will concentrate on the fact that I have such an incredible body.


  • i will stop ironically moaning; even if you’re only joking, the more you think or talk about body shape the more important it becomes.


  • i will not think that I should eat as much as possible of a ‘bad’ thing today, because tomorrow I’ll be ‘good’. I will just live my life, sometimes eating unhealthy things, sometimes eating healthy things.


  • i will no longer compare myself to other bodies; I have no idea what that person has to do to look like that.


  • i will eat even if I’m not hungry, if I think I probably should. My concentration and happiness is exponentially more important. likewise, i will not eat just for ‘gains’, but because it’s something pleasurable in life.


  • i will not take satisfaction from being hungry and denying myself food. Likewise from completing extreme exercise regimes. There are other more productive ways to feel proud of yourself for having self discipline.


  • i will be strict about not seeing my body as a ‘work in progress’. Are you alive? Then it is working.

This mantra is part of the column ‘what I’ve learnt from being fat and thin’ click here to read it

don’t beat around the bush


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