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zroamed Tried and Tested Life Hack to Make You More Confident in Bed

Confidence in bed is many people’s issue.

Not just confidence like ‘raahhh I’m gunna fuck you until you cum so hard’

But the confidence to say what you’re thinking, or to ask for more or less of something, or to ask if they want more or less of something, or to try out some scenario you’ve imagined..

We expect a lot of ourselves these days, to feel totally comfortable bollock naked with someone we might have just met for the first time. But there is an advantage to the somewhat anonymity of the one night stand, in that there is no preconceived notion of who you are or aren’t. You can act like someone who… {whatever}.

Whereas in relationships the sex life can often get stuck, because you think you know what is or isn’t going to happen, and you repeat the same behaviours (good or bad).

For whatever scenario you’re in; an alter ego will benefit you. It’s a method that numerous sex therapists recommend. And it’s no coincidence that huge names in our culture have alter egos; David Bowie, Nikki Minaj, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tyler the Creator… An alter ego allows you to step outside your ordinary.


  • What type of person do you want to be?
  • And specifically, who do you want to be in the bedroom?
  • What experience do you want to have?
  • What do you want to be able to do or feel?

From this, create your alter ego. Their name, personality, style.. The fuller a picture you have of them, and how they would act in specific scenarios, the better. The more often you embody them, the easier it becomes.

We all have powerful fire within us but the mundane everyday does not require us to use it, and it becomes buried. This technique allows us to unleash ourselves. So what’s your new name?

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