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below your bush

Hearing other people’s trials and triumphs helps us all feel more sane. Share your bush life, get something off your chest and provide insight into what info we would all benefit from.

Birth Control Diaphragm

Will You Get Pregnant Using a Diaphragm?

“I have used a diaphragm for 20 years – I love it” But what does science say? Diaphragms are very effective as long as you use them correctly. You should be extra careful when

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The Anonymous Box

What have you always wanted to know? Maybe there’s something you’re struggling with that you don’t feel comfortable talking about… Perhaps you want some tips on a specific topic…


Do Girls Like Giving Head?

But this begs the question; if great head comes from someone who is really enjoying giving it, how do you orchestrate that?! … Individuals who report more negative perceptions of their genitals are less likely to engage in oral sex