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Liberty of Below the Bush

How To Be More Confident: 1 Simple Solution

Confidence is like Bitcoin. Anyone can get it, but a lot of people simply don’t know how. And once you’ve got some, the easier it is to get more… When these three aspects of your life are in line; interacting with people and achieving things becomes easier

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Brighton Pier from below the bush

Are You Feeling Pissed Off With People Today?

“IT’S SHIT – GET RID OF IT – SHUT IT DOWN”. A human being is an organism made up billions of small components; that all must communicate and work as a cohesive whole. Bacteria, red blood cells, neurons. Each weak link or stressor has a knock on effect on the rest of the system. So too with a country.

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Friends at the downstairs club

Have we replaced risk with substances?

Taking drugs or going on a night out has a whole cycle of anxiety and thrills that you bounce between. You know when you get into the cubicle toilets, and look in the mirror.. And this is the same feeling that chasing your dreams gives you.

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