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byb: don’t know what it is but the angle is just insanely hot

Want to share your age, gender, orientation and relationship status?

19, female, lesbian, single (but really into someone I’m dating lol)

Tell us something you love during sex?

I love having someone sit on my face – don’t know what it is but the angle is just insanely hot. Also having a small break to chat shit and then starting to fuck again. Oversharing!!

What don’t you like during sex?

People thinking they’re really “kinky” by out of the blue choking/spanking without talking about it first – not fully consensual, not hot, ruins the mood. Especially if people don’t seem that into it themselves but are just trying to imitate porn. No talking is a BIG no.

What are any worries you’ve had about sex or orgasms?

That I can make myself orgasm better most of the time when I’m masturbating. Or that I’m not doing my best to please someone else but they don’t want to correct me.

What have you struggled with in your current relationship / single life?

Not knowing whether someone is also gay and if they are wondering whether they’re into me or we’re just talking as friends/casually – I don’t want to ruin a potentially great lesbian friendship by trying to date, but equally I don’t want to prevent a really great relationship by forcing it into a friendship

In regards to the last two q’s, is there anything that’s helped you overcome these issues?

Talking!!- being open with all sexual (or potential) partners. This takes away all the fear and mystery if you’re doing the right things to please someone, and also allows you to communicate what you want to your partner so everyone is having the best possible time. Equally when dating, I’ve found it’s better to be upfront and flirty with someone if I’m interested rather than sitting there like “oh she’s cute but is she gay.. is she into me… is this just friendship” – find out early on then the relationship can evlove into what you want (dating, sex, friendship, whatever) without the anxiety of uncertainty holding you back.

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