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byb: talking about desires on long walks

30, gender queer woman, queer, just out of an open relationship with a queercurious bloke


– switching
– strong touch on my lower abdomen, upper thighs, ass, breasts
– check ins
– being able to de escalate PIV without the penis ejaculating sometimes
– playing with his cock like it’s mine, in masc dom role
– feeling my partner’s horniness in every bit of their contact with me
– anal for second comings


– (often ) vigorous PIV thrusting after I’ve already kinda come
– indecision
– partner holding back because they think they’d be too much but not saying


– I used to tend to let my male lover finish (with piv) even if it was no longer pleasurable for me rather than deal with negotiating what else we could do.

– I was in an sti all clear, fluid bonding situation, and started to really enjoy condomless sex- esp foreplay,  and hated it when my partner fucked somebody else without a barrier and I had to either lose this or transgress my own safe sex boundary


My partner tells me he’s really dominant, but then has found he doesn’t express this with me because he wants to be sensitive to his perception of my boundaries, but actually it’s also that a femme type of woman, which I am not on a day to day basis, is what turns him on in that way.


– talking about sex likes, dislikes, insecurities, desires on long walks

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