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byb: replace the negative associations with positive ones

19, female, and single


Fingering (when done right) and both giving and receiving head, enjoy rough sex including choking, spanking, bondage and just generally being dominated is a big turn on.


Controversial but not a huge fan of being fucked from behind, puts too much pressure on the bladder and just doesn’t feel v good. Also since developing ibs I’ve been too scared to try anal again but I remember it being quite meh.


I’ve had a complicated relationship with sex. Before having sex for the first time I had a condition where like even putting in a tampon would feel ridiculously painful and just like nothing would go in there. I thankfully overcame that after I managed to have sex after a few unsuccessful attempts. also I don’t cum every time during sex which is normal but for most of my sexual experiences I hadn’t been able to, I think it may have been a mental state though cause it’s been easier since I’ve learnt to let go a little. I grew up religious so I’ve always associated sex with guilt and felt like a lot of the reasons for previously mentioned things were gods punishment. Now I’m not religious but that subconscious guilt I think will forever be ingrained. hopefully I’ll get rid of it completely some day.


I’ve struggled recently with knowing how many people is too many people. I almost want to be monogamous even with casual sex because I don’t wanna be dirty or slut around.


With the first mentioned issue, i got through it by using lots of lube and just slowly putting fingers in and breathing myself through it until it got easier and easier. Breathing deeply actually during sex as well really helps muscles in that area to relax a little. With the guilt thing, I just keep trying to tell myself that sex is both normal and healthy and try to replace the negative associations with positive ones. And with the last thing, I really don’t know, I’m feeling confused at the moment.

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