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byb: no one wants to be unexpectedly slapped in the face

Want to share your age, gender, orientation and relationship status?

26, male, straight, single

Tell us something you love during sex?

Mutual pleasure: a willingness by both parties involved to ensure that you’re both having a fucking great time – a good old 69’s always fun.

What don’t you like during sex?

I got unexpectedly slapped in the face once, no one wants to be unexpectedly slapped in the face. I said ‘what’re you doing?’ she then apologised and did it again a little while later. I was like ‘don’t slap me in the face’ and she didn’t after that. Which was nice.
It’s sudden unexpected pain, like too much nails all at once, or vicious lip bite out of the blue, these things can be fun, but not when you don’t know that they’re coming.

What are any worries you’ve had about sex or orgasms?

Drinking too much and not being able to keep it up: it’s a bit embarrassing when the person you’re doing it with wants penetration, and you don’t wanna say ‘he’s having a little floppy stroppy down there’. Then you do it anyway, and it’s a bit awkward and bendy – you sort of look at each other and it’s like ‘whiskey‘s nice but …’
– y’know, whether or not drinking like that will have a greater effect over the years.

What have you struggled with in your current relationship / single life?

In both relationships and single life: being really drunk is not sexy.
No one wants to stay with someone who gets absolutely sloshed and spunks all their money every weekend.
No one wants to do the rumpy pumpy with someone that can’t coordinate all their limbs or remember what happened five minutes ago.

In regards to the last two q’s, is there anything that’s helped you overcome these issues?

HA! Trying not to drink loads of whiskey 🙂

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