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byb: Is it normal? Why isn’t it a smooth slit?

22, female, open, in a relationship (pregnant).


Orgasm. Orgasm. Orgasm…

Anal, 69. Touching. Good hands!. Kissing. Wet things. Being Dominated !


Unconfident lovers. Lack of foreplay. Funny farts. Premature ejaculation. Baby moving and ruining the mood (cheers pal).


I never knew women could cum until about 4years into my sex life. (Great job guys).

My vagina !! Is it normal? Why isn’t it a smooth slit? How can anyone ever love me and my labia!?!?!


Used to be a confident sexual deviant.
Several crappy relationships later, my current partner is not allowed to see me naked. My labia cannot be touched.

Get so horny I forget I hate my vulva and let him (or her but currently him) explore free range.

thank you so much for inviting us below your bush. if you would like to make your own submission click here.

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