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byb: I’m trying to find my confidence again

25, female, straight, married


I used to know what I liked, or at least thought that I did. When it was made clear to me that it’s not okay for sex to be painful and spotting isn’t good, no matter how common it is! Now, I’m trying to find my confidence again and that has been and will continue to be a slow process I think…


When I was in a really dark place I would stop myself from having an orgasm. It felt like the right punishment for me when I was sleeping around.


My gynaecological health is like a big bundle of mess… Like a 14 year olds bedroom floor, you have no idea what you are going to find in there and it takes a few times to find what you’re actually looking for.
I’m so lucky that my partner is supportive, so supportive that I think he forgets to check in with himself a lot of the time; However, my confidence with sex and the pain I associate with it will be a struggle for a while to come.


I’m still powering through… And I just take solace in the fact that I do cum every time with my husband, haven’t stopped myself in this relationship for the first time in my dating history.

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