Amy Charlton hat

byb: if I am not in the mood. Perhaps I could be.

25 female


Giving head is my number one pleasure.
Being fucked from behind with a butt plug in my arse and the freedom to touch myself as I please.
A power dynamic.


The race for an orgasm, my own included.
The need to perform.


The way I masturbate seems to define the way I orgasm during sex.
Tense, quick and not 100% present.

I once read a karma sutra book about the joys of making mindful love to yourself. I tried it and it was great. But when it comes down to it alone and with others my habitual groove is hard to avoid.


Maintaining a high sex drive with a long term partner.


Deciding to give myself time to become aroused even if I am not in the mood. Perhaps I could be.

thank you so much for inviting us below your bush. if you would like to make your own submission click here.

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