ZROAMED 3 Tips to Help You Stop Doubting Yourself – it’s all in the neurons

what should you remember about your
brain if you’re doubting yourself so the
whole philosophy of below the bush and
you can go to your
self or you’re having a bad day or a bad
day remember that it’s not about being
perfect all the time
it’s about being able to pick yourself
up after you’ve had the dip so if you’re
doubting yourself remember all of the
times when you’ve been strong in some
way or you’ve achieved something no
matter how small that is
when you’ve made someone else feel
better or when you’ve looked after a
family member or done something that you
didn’t want to do but you did it anyway
for someone else all of us have been
strong in some way in our lives and so
remind yourself of those things when
you’re thinking I can’t do this
about whatever is and I think if you’ve
had like mental health problems or
addiction problems in the past
then sometimes when you’re having a bad
day or a bad phase it can be kind of
worrying because you think you’re gonna
fall back into those bad habits I’ve
example we’ll have I had times in my
life where I wouldn’t leave the house
unless I had some kind of whatever drug
it was in my wallet just in case and I’m
not like that anymore
but sometimes if I’m not feeling amazing
I start thinking am I just an
addict and I think anyone who’s had
those problems will relate or people who
have had eating disorders or whatever
you always worry that you’re gonna slip
back into those bad patterns but the
thing about our brains is that they our
brain has no concept of who we are when
we start worrying and thinking oh I am
just someone who drinks or I’m just
someone who doesn’t have the confidence
to do this or I’m just someone who rule
out whatever our brain has no concept of
that our brain is just one massive
learning machine and every single time
you pick yourself up or you don’t fall
back into that hole our brain learns
that there is a better way to deal with
things it’s literally just a learning
tool or sponge inside is your
neurotransmitters and your thoughts are
just electrical and chemical signals
sodium and calcium there’s no like I am
a fuckup concept in your brain so we
just have to remember that we are just
learning machines and every time we can
dust ourselves off and pick ourselves up
we learn the next time and it becomes
easier and easier
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let me know what you thought of this or
how you deal with it when you’re
doubting yourself

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2 thoughts on “ZROAMED 3 Tips to Help You Stop Doubting Yourself – it’s all in the neurons”

  1. If you compare yourself to other people all too often, to their successes and especially to their high-light reels that they share on social media then self-doubt can quickly creep up.

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